Our Clients

We love our clients as partners. And they love us back.

This is why all our associations are repeat-associations. From SMEs to large MNCs – the Government to the common man’s big Startup dreams. We are writing India’s future together!

When we work with you, we walk the last mile in your shoes. The work that emerges out of such collaborations doesn’t stop at one campaign. We are always thinking of you and what your brand could do next! And for that we are grateful.

Client x Love

  • Team ITC Aashirvaad Svasti

    “ Thank you for the brilliant Mishti Doi campaign for Durga Puja. It was creative, innovative, and culturally relevant to bring the ‘Doiwalas’ to life. It was well aligned with the product’s proposition around nostalgia. Moreover, the flawless execution with the song and the flash mob, truly made the campaign stand out. Looking forward to more successful collaborations.”

  • Team I-PAC

    “Kudos to your entire team! No words can measure the relationship we have build in this period and the milestones achieved. We are most certain that we will work together in the future again to create beautiful, socially impactful content for Indian communities and citizens. ”


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